Employment & Training Programs

Low Literacy - Welfare-to-Work

The Low Literacy Program is a 16-week activity designed for individuals with low literacy levels (have basic skills scores that fall between 0 and 4.0 grade levels) to become work ready by assisting them attain educational progress. Low Literacy clients will receive remedial classroom instruction in the areas of literacy (reading, writing, language, and basic mathematics) and job readiness. It is a 35-hour per week program consisting of fifteen (15) hours of instruction and twenty (20) hours per week of Alternative Work Experience. The clients are referred by Workfirst N.J.

English as a Second Language - Welfare-to-Work

This program offers a sixteen-week training that combines Alternative Work Experience and English language instruction for those individuals whose primary language is not English. The goal of this program is to assist those individuals who are literate but are limited English proficient to develop the English literacy skills necessary to obtain and retain employment. The clients are referred by Workfirst N.J.