From the Executive Director:


“Toward New Horizons”…Touching people’s lives in many ways…


Social Services NJ Focus411 Executive Director

Maritza Aráuz, Executive Director

Many things have changed since 1967 where new social challenges needed to be addressed and opportunities for growth needed to be grabbed. In the time since FOCUS was incorporated, the Essex County community of New Jersey has grown exponentially. In the greater Newark area alone, expansion of arts and higher education, business and estate development demonstrate the road to economic revitalization. Today at FOCUS, we are pleased to convey its mission: to provide community leadership by developing a variety of health and human development initiatives which advance the community toward self-sufficiency, growth, empowerment and a better quality of life”, and assure to carry it toward new horizons.


Here at FOCUS, we are proud of the historically 54 years offering educational and social services to the community, from the very young to the elderly. We are committed to improving the effectiveness of its communities and the quality of life for the City of Newark and the Essex County residents through providing the unique capacities to further a cause, to perform a necessary service, and to support its communities.


Over the years, FOCUS has purchased four buildings, four parking lots and conducted extensive property upgrades. Its holdings were appraised in 2018 at almost $5 million. FOCUS is constantly pursuing alternate funding sources to maintain, improve and enhance existing programs. FOCUS is involved in negotiating favorable conditions to participate more meaningfully in its pursuit to solidifiy its financial base. FOCUS believes that a more inclusive and supportive approach to providing community services is the most effective way to outreach and service its members.


There is no doubt that the population of Newark and Essex County have become a vital, growing part of America’s social fabric and its economic well-being. Few non-profit organizations have lasted as long or contributed so much to the development of this community than FOCUS has by touching people’s lives in many ways. And while the effect and expected success of these changes cannot yet be measured, given FOCUS consistently high level of achievements in the past, it can only mean a greater promise for the future.


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Maritza Arauz
Executive Director